Fifteen Years Later…

Our oldest son who was born in 2000,  was only two years old when my husband walked in with a baby chicken. He found it wandering around outside of Big Bear’s Market in Springdale Oregon. I had chickens when I was growing up … or I guess I should say, that my parents had chickens. I love chickens!

Within 24 hours my son and I had been to Burn’s Feed and purchased a few more baby chickens and everything we needed for their first brooder. The chickies were in the kitchen in a plastic tub the first week or two and within a month Bruce had built our first “chicken cathedral” …. and so began our now almost 15 year love affair with raising chickens. Today we have 35 hens that provide fresh delicious eggs.

Check out this old gallery of photos from Bruce Building our first Chicken Coop.

Our hens are free range (usually out eating bugs and slugs and even the occasional vole) they are healthy beautiful and well loved laying hens. We also are now raising chickens for meat.

A Chicken Watermelon Party