Heritage Turkeys 2018

Heritage Turkeys 2018

Naragansett and Red Bourbon Heritage Flock

Our heritage turkeys are free-range, loved on daily and humanely raised on our small hobby farm in Corbett Oregon.

These beautiful babies eat a wholesome diet of field grass, non-GMO food that is free from antibiotics, growth hormones or animal by-products. They are only locked up at night to keep them safe from predators and otherwise, live their days under the sky.

1. These will NOT be your huge broad breasted Butterball factory farmed birds that can not survive the growth of their bodies. These are birds that are, for all intents and purposes, still a wild breed. They can still fly (we clip their flight feathers on one side) and they can live quite well until old age, if allowed. These birds have a richer flavor and much more dark meat and are typically smaller when butchered around 7 months at 12-15#.

2. These birds will also NOT be priced in the same way as a conventionally raised white turkey. These will never be your WINCO¬† “buy $50 worth of groceries and get a free frozen bird”. These birds will almost always command a price of around $10-$15 per pound depending on the farm or if they are certified organic. If you are looking to spend A LOT of money, on the same type of bird, check out this link!

3. These birds are processed and available fresh.

Check out our 6 month old flock here, in action, from October of 2018